МГИМО Английский язык / Тест 11 / Задание II / Заполните пропуски предлогами и наречиями

МГИМО Английский язык

II. Заполните пропуски предлогами и наречиями


1.     John, I’ve heard you are not happy with your house? The people  [at]  number 10 are emigrating to Australia, so they’ve put their house  [up]  [for]  sale.

2.    It was a very tough match, but in the end England managed to win  [by]  two goals  [to]  one.

3.    I seem to spend most of my time  [at]  work dealing  [with]  inquiries from the public.

4.    Turn that music  [down] , will you? I’ve got a headache.

5.    She always seems to work better when she is  [under]  pressure.

6.    If we put the ladder  [against]  that wall, I’ll be able to get on the roof.

7.    She’s very self-conscious  [about]  her height. She thinks she’s too tall.

8.    I started to criticize him in front of people. I used to say he was mean  [with]  money, for example.

9.    He looked like an Englishman, but his foreign accent gave him  [away] .

10.    He was very quick to assert his authority  [over]  the younger children.

11.    Bill decided not to trust Bob  [with]  his secrets.

12.     - I intend to steal the Crown Jewels.
          - You’ll never get  [away]  [with]  it!

13.    To be healthy one must go  [in]  [for]  sports.

14.    I’m not interested in buying anything. I’m just looking  [round] .





1.    at / up / for
2.    by/to
3.    at / with
4.    down
5.    under
6.    against
7.    about
8.    with
9.    away
10.    over
11.    with
12.    away / with
13.    in / for
14.    round