МГИМО Английский язык / Тест 14 / Задание I / Выберите слово подходящее по смыслу

МГИМО Английский язык

I. выберите слово, наиболее точно подходящее по смыслу


1.    His whole life seemed to fall  [*apart/through/away/out]  when he lost his job.

2.    It was obvious that his  [pure/sheer/sole/*mere]  intention was to cause an argument.

3.    She was at the  [*height/point/top/head]  of her fame when tragedy struck.

4.    I think it’s  [*debatable/argumentative/quarrelsome/moot ]  whether he’s as good an actor as some people say he is.

5.    We hadn’t seen each other for ten years and she’d changed out of all  [identification/recollection/*recognition/familiarity] .

6.    We went to the end of the street together and then we  [split/*parted/separated/broke]  company.

7.    Although it was against my  [benefit/desire/*will/preference] , I had to do as I was told.

8.    On the  [scarce/abnormal/seldom/*rare]  occasions when I met him, I found him quite pleasant.

9.    After years of making unsuccessful films, she is hoping that this one will  [*revive/renew/refresh/reinstate]  her career.

10.    Once I had  [*assured/confirmed/ascertained/guaranteed] myself that they could be trusted, I signed the contract.