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МГИМО Английский язык

III. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму

В случае, если перед глаголом стоит обозначение modal verb, выберите модальный глагол из предложенного списка: can, may, must, should, ought to, have to, be to, be able to, needn`t и внесите его в отведенное место в нужной форме, при этом глагол, следующий за модальным глаголом, также необходимо поставить в соответствующую форму.


The Hitchhiker

It was a very wet and windy day and David Williams (soak) (1)  [input answers="was soaked"/]  to the skin as he (stand)(2)  [input answers="stood"/]  at the side of the road (try) (3)  [input answers="trying"/]  (hitch) (4)  [input answers="to hitch"/]  a lift. So far, only four cars (come) (5)  [input answers="had come"/]  along and each one (go) (6)  [input answers="had gone"/]  past without (stop) (7)  [input answers="stopping"/] . David (begin) (8)  [input answers="was beginning"/]  (wonder) (9)  [input answers="to wonder"/]  if anyone (stop) (10)  [input answers="would stop"/]  for him when a lorry suddenly (drive) (11)  [input answers="drove"/]  up and the driver (tell) (12)  [input answers="told"/]  him (hop) (13)  [input answers="to hop"/]  on the back as there (not be) (14)  [input answers="wasn't"/]  any room in the cab. David (accept) (15)  [input answers="accepted"/]  gladly and quickly (climb) (16)  [input answers="climbed"/]  aboard.
To his horror in the back (be) (17)  [input answers="was"/]  an empty coffin.

As it still (rain) (18)  [input answers="was still raining"/]  heavily, David (decide) (19)  [input answers="decided"/]  (climb) (20)  [input answers="to climb"/]  inside it for shelter. (Stand) (21)  [input answers="Standing"/]  by the roadside (make) (22)  [input answers="had made"/]  him (feel) (23)  [input answers="feel"/]  very tired, so it wasn't long before he (fall) (24)  [input answers="had fallen"/]  fast asleep.

While he (sleep) (25)  [input answers="was sleeping"/]  , the lorry (stop) (26)  [input answers="stopped"/]  again (pick) (27)  [input answers="to pick"/]  up another hitchhiker. Like David, he too climbed on to the back of the lorry. By now, the rain (stop) (28)  [input answers="had stopped"/]  and the sun (come) (29)  [input answers="had come"/]  out. It (begin) (30)  [input answers="began"/]  feel) (31)  [input answers="to feel"/]  very hot inside the coffin and David suddenly (wake) (32)  [input answers="woke"/]  up. Without (think) (33)  [input answers="thinking"/] , he (lift) (34)  [input answers="lifted"/]  the lid off the coffin, (see) (35)  [input answers="saw"/]  the stranger (sit) (36)  [input answers="sitting"/]  there and (shout) (37)  [input answers="shouted"/] : “I (be) (38)  [input answers="Have I been"/]  asleep for long?”

His fellow hitchhiker took one look at David, screamed with fear and jumped off the lorry in panic. Needless (say) (39)  [input answers="to say"/]  he never (hitchhike) (40)  [input answers="has never hitchhiked"/]  again.






1. was soaked 2. stood 3. trying 4. to hitch 5. had come
6. had gone 7. stopping 8. was beginning 9. to wonder 10. would stop
11. drove 12. told 13. to hop 14. wasn't 15. accepted
16. climbed 17. was 18. was still raining 19. decided 20. to climb
21. Standing 22. had made 23. feel 24. had fallen 25. was sleeping
26. stopped 27. to pick 28. had stopped 29. had come 30. began
31. to feel 32. woke 33. thinking 34. lifted 35. saw
36. sitting 37. shouted 38. Have I been 39. to say 40. has never hitchhiked