МГИМО ДВИ Английский язык / 2019 год / Тест 2 / Задание III / Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму

МГИМО Английский язык

III. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму

В случае, если перед глаголом стоит обозначение modal verb, выберите модальный глагол из предложенного списка: can, may, must, should, ought to, have to, be to, be able to, needn`t и внесите его в отведенное место в нужной форме, при этом глагол, следующий за модальным глаголом, также необходимо поставить в соответствующую форму.


Tony and his friend Peter (1) (lie)  [input answers="had been lying"/]  on the beach for about an hour when they heard somebody (2) (shout)  [input answers="shouting"/] . They jumped up and saw that there was a man in trouble in the sea. The man (3) (catch)  [input answers="had caught"/]  his foot between two rocks. He (4) (try)  [input answers="had been trying"/]  to free himself for quite a long time, but without success. The friends realized that the man (5) (drown)  [input answers="would drown"/]  and that they needed to act quickly. Without (6) (think)  [input answers="thinking"/] , they (7) (jump)  [input answers="jumped"/]  into the sea. They managed to free the man and then swam back to the shore. By the time they (8) (reach)  [input answers="reached"/]  the beach, many people (9) (gather)  [input answers="had gathered"/]  there, and everyone started to clap and cheer.

I couldn’t resist (10) (ask)  [input answers="asking"/]  him why he was trying (11) (avoid)  [input answers="to avoid"/]  (12) (meet)  [input answers="meeting"/]  me.

- How do you like the new president of our neighborhood association?
- Not much. I wish she (13) (not/elect)  [input answers="had not been elected"/] . I should (14) (never/vote)  [input answers="never have voted"/]  for her. It was a mistake!

I spent ages (15) (make)  [input answers="making"/]  preparations for the dinner party, but I needn’t (16) (bother)  [input answers="have bothered"/] . At the last moment Philip (17) (ring)  [input answers="rang"/]  (18) (say)  [input answers="to say"/]  he wasn’t able to come.

What (19)  [input answers="have"/]  you (do)  [input answers="been doing"/]  lately? This is the first time I (20) (see)  [input answers="have seen"/]  you since we (21) (meet)  [input answers="met"/]  at Smith’s party last May.

I was told that the repairs on my car (22) (do)  [input answers="would have been done"/]  by next Friday, but as it turns out I was told a lie because they (23) (still / not / do)  [input answers="still have not been done"/] .

I hear someone (24) (open)  [input answers="open"/]  the door and (25) (slam)  [input answers="slam"/]  it behind them. Who could it be?

Just think, if I (26) (take)  [input answers="had taken"/]  that job with the export/ import company last year, I (27) (live)  [input answers="would be living"/]  in Sao Paulo now, not Manchester!

The UK is a very multicultural place. International students are made (28) (feel)  [input answers="to feel"/]  welcome and are able to experience cultures from all over the world.

- Hurry up! We (29) (miss)  [input answers="are going to miss"/]  the beginning of the concert.
- Don’t be silly. We’ve got plenty of time.
- But it (30) (start)  [input answers="starts"/]  at nine. I want to arrive before the hall (31) (get)  [input answers="gets"/]  full, otherwise people (32) (take)  [input answers="will have taken"/]  all the good seats by the time we (33) (get)  [input answers="get"/]  there.

The last time Olivia was seen she (34) (say)  [input answers="was said"/]  (35) (wear)  [input answers="to be wearing"/]  a black leather jacket and red tights, but what people say they remember can’t always (36) (rely on)  [input answers="be relied on"/] .

You must (37) (be)  [input answers="have been"/]  very pleased when you heard that you (38) (win)  [input answers="had won"/]  the prize.

If you (39) (listen)  [input answers="had listened"/]  to the traffic report on the radio this morning, we (40) (not / sit)  [input answers="would not be sitting"/]  here in the traffic jam.








1. had been lying 2. shouting 3. had caught 4. had been trying 5. would drown
6. thinking 7. jumped 8. reached 9. had gathered 10. asking
11. to avoid 12. meeting 13. had not been elected 14. never have voted 15. making
16. have bothered 17. rang 18. to say 19. have 20. have seen
21. met 22. would have been done 23. still have not been done 24. open 25. slam
26. had taken 27. would be living 28. to feel 29. are going to miss 30. starts
31. gets 32. will have taken 33. get 34. was said 35. to be wearing
36. be relied on 37. have been 38. had won 39. had listened 40. would not be sitting