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v. Прочтите текст и ответьте на предложенные вопросы


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While the bald eagle is one national symbol of the United States, it is not the only one. Uncle Sam, a bearded gentleman costumed in the red, white, and blue stars and stripes of the nation’s flag, is another well-known national symbol. According to the Legend, this character is based on Samuel Wilson, the owner of a meat-packing business in Troy, New York.

During the War of 1812, Sam Wilson’s company was granted a government contract to supply meat to the nation’s soldiers; this meat was supplied to the army in barrels stamped with the initials U.S., which stood for United States. However, the country was at that time relatively young, and the initials U.S. were not commonly used.

Many people questioned what the initials represented, and the standard reply became “Uncle Sam”, for the owner of the barrels. It is now generally accepted that the figure of Uncle Sam is based on Samuel Wilson, and the U.S. Congress has made it official by adopting a resolution naming Samuel Wilson as the inspiration for Uncle Sam.

[question text="The paragraph preceding this passage most probably discusses " answers="the War of 1812#*the bald eagle, which symbolizes the United States#Sam Wilson’s meat-packing company#the costume worn by Uncle Sam "]

[question text="Which of the following is the most appropriate title for this passage? " answers="The Bald Eagle#The Symbols of the United States#Samuel Wilson#*Uncle Sam - Symbol of the Nation "]

[question text="Which of the following is NOT mentioned about Uncle Sam’s appearance? " answers="He wears facial hair#There is some blue in his clothes#*He is bald#His clothes have stripes in them "]

[question text="What word could best replace “costumed” in paragraph one? " answers="*dressed#nationalized#hidden#seen "]

[question text="Sam Wilson was the proprietor of what type of business? " answers="A costume company#*A meat-packing company#A military clothier#A barrel-making company "]

[question text="The word “granted” in paragraph two means " answers="refused#underbid for#told about#*given "]

[question text="According to this passage, what was in the barrels stamped U.S.? " answers="Sam Wilson#*Food for the army#Weapons to be used in the war#Company contracts "]

[question text="The word “initials” in paragraph two means " answers="nicknames#family names#*first letters of words#company names "]

[question text="The word “official” in paragraph three means " answers="*authorized#professional#dutiful#accidental "]

[question text="In 1812, people most probably answered that the letters “U.S.” written on the barrels stood for 'Uncle Sam' because " answers="Congress required it#Samuel Wilson was their favourite Uncle#Sam Wilson preferred it#*they were  not exactly sure what the letters meant "]