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v. Прочтите текст и ответьте на предложенные вопросы


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American jazz is a conglomeration of sounds borrowed from such varied sources as American and African folk music, European classical music, and Christian gospel songs. One of the recognizable characteristics of jazz is its use of improvisation: certain parts of the music are written out and played the same way by various performance, and other improvised parts are created spontaneously during a performance and vary widely from performer to performer.

The earliest form of jazz was ragtime, lively songs or rags performed on the piano, and the best-known of the ragtime performers and composers was Scott Joplin. Born in 1868 to former slaves, Scott Joplin earned his living from a very early age playing the piano in bars along the Mississippi. One of his regular jobs was in the Maple Leaf Club in Sedalia, Missouri. It was there that he began writing more than 500 compositions that he was to produce, the most famous of which was “The Maple Leaf Raz.”

[question text="The passage is about " answers="*jazz in general and one specific type of jazz#the various sources of jazz#the life of Scott Joplin#the major characteristics of jazz "]

[question text="The word “conglomeration” in paragraph one means " answers="disharmony#*mixture#purity#treasure "]

[question text="In line 3, the word "improvisation" involves which of the following? " answers="*Making up music while playing#Playing the written parts of the music#Performing similarly to other musicians#Playing a varied selection of musical compositions "]

[question text="According to the passage, ragtime was " answers="generally performed on a variety of instruments#*the first type of jazz#extremely soothing and sedate#performed only at the Maple Leaf Club in Sedalia "]

[question text="Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? " answers="Scott Joplin was a slave when he was born.#*Scott Joplin's parents had been slaves before Scott was born.#Scott Joplin had formerly been a slave, but he no longer was after 1868.#Scott Joplin's parents were slaves when Scott was born. "]

[question text="The word "living" in paragraph two could most easily be replaced by " answers="*money#life-style#enjoyment#health "]

[question text="The word "regular" in paragraph two could best be replaces by " answers="popular#*steady#unusual#boring "]

[question text="The word "which" in paragraph two refers to " answers="regular jobs#the Maple Leaf Club$Sedalia, Missouri#*500 compositions "]

[question text="The name of Scott Joplin's most famous composition probably came from " answers="*the name of a saloon where he performed#the maple tree near his Sedalia home#the name of the town where he was born#the school where he learned to play the piano "]

[question text="The paragraph following the passage probably discusses " answers="Sedalia, Missouri#The Maple Leaf Club#*the numerous compositions of Scott Joplin#the life of Scott Joplin "]