МГИМО ДВИ Английский язык / Задание 2

МГИМО ДВИ Английский язык
Задание 2


Заполните пропуски недостающим словом (артиклем, предлогом, местоимением, именем существительным, прилагательным, глаголом и т.д.), являющимся единственно правильным по смыслу и соответствующим грамматическим нормам английского языка, и напишите его в прилагаемом к тесту Answer Sheet.

    The first Plantagenet king of England, Henry II, was the (1) ... of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, and his (2) ... , Matilda, the daughter of Henry I of England. Though Henry fully expected to inherit his grandfather's English (3) ... , when the English king (4) ... it was his nephew, Stephen, who seized (5) ...  . The result was a civil war that dragged on for (6) ... than a decade, as (7) ... Angevins battled Stephen's House of Blois for the rule of England.

    Young Henry was just nine years old when he (8) ... the military campaign and eventually, as the years wore on, conflict gave way to diplomacy and, eventually, accord. In (9) ... for an end to hostilities, Stephen agreed to (10) ... Henry as his rightful heir and the men sealed their agreement with a kiss in Winchester Cathedral in 1153. The (11) ... year Stephen died and Henry II went on to become one of the (12) ... powerful rulers Europe had (13) ... seen.  (14) ... his additional titles of Duke of Normandy and Count of Anjou, he commanded territories on (15) ... sides of the Channel and though Scotland remained outside his grasp, an alliance with Pope Adrian IV later saw Ireland added to Henry's (16) ... vast estates.

    From the very (17) ... of their reign in England, the Angevins (18) ... ambitious and expansionist. Yet the family was riddled with infighting and (19) ... to the Crusades and their interests (20) ... France, the Angevin kings were frequently absent. Henry's successor, Richard I (aka Lionheart), was captured while crusading and his brother, John, seized control of his English territories with the (21) ... of Philip II of France. Ultimately, Richard forgave his brother for his betrayal and (22) ... the king died without an heir, it was John (23) ... became the last Angevin king if England.

    John's Plantagenet successor was his son, Henry III. At just nine years old, he inherited a crown with vastly reduced powers and a nation in turmoil, (24) ... the once mighty AngevinEmpire was a mere memory. Though John (25) ... agreed to (26) ... Magna Carta, he had steadfastly refused (27) ... honour its terms. As a (28) ... , the Baron's War was raging and with the support of rebellious English nobles Henry III's respected regent, managed to turn the tide in (29) ... of the young king and, over time, peace was (30) ... again restored.

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