МГИМО ДВИ Английский язык / Задание 5

МГИМО ДВИ Английский язык
Задание 5


Найдите ошибку в каждом из следующих предложений и напишите букву, ей соответствующую, в прилагаемом к тесту Answer Sheet.


    1.    As you move  (A) around home take  (B) a good  (C) hard look at its  (D) content.

    2.    You almost certainly own a car and a home computer,  (A) holiday abroad  (B) at least once a year and eat out  (C) at last once  (D) a week.

    3.    According to a national consulting group, this new approach to work  (A) coincides with radical changes in the  (B) employing market, where  (C) a job is no longer  (D) guaranteed.

    4.    The single-minded pursuit of  (A) material success  (B) is beginning to trouble  (C) large numbers of people  (D) all over the world.

    5.    Six per cent of workers in Britain took the decision to downshift last year, swapping their  (A) highly  (B) pressured,  (C) stressed positions  (D) for less demanding, less time-consuming work.

    6.    Today people  (A) acquire  (B) many  (C) new  (D) gadgets.

    7.    (A) Lifetime  (B) employment is  (C) what people  (D) strive.

    8.    According to the writer, people  (A) are beginning to rethink their  (B) lives because they want  (C) to spend time  (D) to do other things.

    9.    People  (A) can't help  (B) work  (C) more to consume  (D) more.

    10.    Some people prefer taking  (A) a low position  (B) with a view to  (C) having more satisfaction  (D) from life.

    11.    Modern  (A) work culture  (B) describes as  (C) all of the  (D) balanced life.

    12.    If you  (A) could see  (B) a volume of rubbish in your dustbin  (C) over a year, you  (D) would be horrified.

    13.    (A) Lifetime employment  (B) can only  (C) be achieving by  (D) taking personal responsibility for your career.

    14.    Modern young people are often not  (A) worried   (B) about  (C) an amount of rubbish they throw  (D) away.

    15.    (A) People's  (B) families  (C) object to their  (D) work so hard.

    16.    It  (A) is  (B) the first time I  (C) am driving a car  (D) in this town.

    17.    He has been complaining  (A) about  (B) the bad service in this restaurant for half  (C) an hour, but he  (D) didn't call the manager.

    18.    Fancy that! I  (A) met him  (B) so many times  (C) I've lost count  (D) of them.

    19.    You  (A) can't  (B) be ashamed what you can  (C) afford to have  (D) a good rest.

    20.    I told her that if she  (A) spent   (B) money at that rate she  (C) would have run  (D) out of it quickly.

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