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МГИМО Английский язык

II. Заполните пропуски предлогами и наречиями


1.    The only way to prevent children  [from] getting  [-/into/in] trouble is to keep them locked up until they are twenty-one.

2.    Are you familiar [with] Peter Acroyd's work [on] Shakespeare?

3.    Would you like to contribute [to] our campaign fund?

4.    He was the sort of person who immediately made you feel [at] ease.

5.    We didn't know [for] certain whether they would come or not.

6.    Wales is famous [for] its male-voice choirs.

7.    Although they said they were sympathetic [to] our programme, they were not prepared to support us officially.

8.    When celebrities behave badly it can have a negative influence [on] young people.

9.    I really must apologize [for] the way I behaved during my stay at the hotel.

10.    There's no point [in] getting upset [over] things that are [beyond] your control.

11.    She takes great pride [in] her work.

12.    I'm not very good [at] tennis; I always seem to lose.

13.    I'm very grateful [to] you for all your help.

14.    If you're not satisfied [with] the service at the hotel, you should complain to the manager.

15.    I can do [as] you wish: my elder sister has no control [over] me at all.








1.    From; into
2.    With; on
3.    To
4.    At
5.    For
6.    For
7.    To
8.    On
9.    For
10.    In; over; beyond
11.    In
12.    At
13.    To
14.    With
15.    As; over