МГИМО Английский язык / Тест 03 / Задание III / Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму

МГИМО Английский язык

III. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму



1.    Mrs. Clinton was walking down the street, (push) (1) [input answers="pushing"/]  her baby son in his pram. Suddenly, she (hear) (2) [input answers="heard"/]  someone (call) (3) [input answers="calling"/]  her name. She (look) (4) [input answers="looked"/]  all around, but she (modal verb + see) (5) [input answers="couldn't see"/]  anyone she (know) (6) [input answers="knew"/] . (Puzzle) (7) [input answers="Puzzled"/] , she (carry on) (8) [input answers="carried on"/]  (walk) (9) [input answers="walking"/] . As she (go) (10) [input answers="was going"/]  along the street, she glanced behind her and saw a young woman (follow) (11) [input answers="following"/]  her and (wave) (12) [input answers="waving"/]  her hand. Mrs Clinton (stop) (13) [input answers="stopped"/] . As the woman (get) (14) [input answers="got/was getting"/]  closer, Mrs Clinton (realize) (15) [input answers="realized"/]  who she was. It was a friend who she (not see) (16) [input answers="had not seen/hadn't seen"/]  for many years!

2.    This time next month, Lisa (graduate) (17) [input answers="will have graduated"/]  from university. She (study) (18) [input answers="has studied"/]  photography for four years. Lisa (look) (19) [input answers="is looking"/]  forward to (finish) (20) [input answers="finishing"/]  her studies as she (already find) (21) [input answers="has already found"/]  a job as a photographer for a travel magazine. She (modal verb + believe) (22) [input answers="can't believe/cannot believe"/]  that in two months she (be) (23) [input answers="will be"/]  on her first assignment and that she (travel) (24) [input answers="will travel"/] to Egypt (take) (25) [input answers="to take"/]  pictures of the Pyramids.

3.    Chris makes a living (work) (26) [input answers="working"/]  as a gardener. He (love) (27) [input answers="loves"/]  (be) (28) [input answers="being"/]  outdoors and close to nature. He (modal verb + make) (29) [input answers="can make"/]  even the most boring backyard (look) (30) [input answers="look"/]  like a palace garden. Chris (be) (31) [input answers="is"/]  so talented that last year he (decide) (32) [input answers="decided"/]  (enter) (33) [input answers="to enter"/]  the Carlisle State Landscaping Contest. The judges so (impress) (34) [input answers="were so impressed"/]  with Peter's work that not only (he win) (35) [input answers="did he win"/]  the contest, but also (ask) (34) [input answers="was asked"/]  (represent) (37) [input answers="to represent"/]  Carlisle in the National Competition. '(Garden) (38) [input answers="Gardening"/]  is an art for me,' says Chris, 'and nothing (give) (39) [input answers="gives"/]  me more satisfaction than (create) (40) [input answers="creating"/]  things with my hands.'







1. pushing 2. heard 3. calling 4. looked 5. couldn't see
6. knew 7. Puzzled 8. carried on 9. walking 10. was going
11. following 12. waving 13. stopped 14. got/was getting 15. realized
16. had not seen 17. will have graduated 18. has studied 19. is looking 20. finishing
21. has already found 22. can't believe 23. will be 24. will travel 25. to take
26. working 27. loves 28. being 29. can make 30. look
31. is 32. decided 33. to enter 34. were so impressed 35. did he win
36. was asked 37. to represent 38. gardening 39. gives 40. creating