МГИМО Английский язык / Тест 05 / Задание I / Выберите слово подходящее по смыслу

МГИМО Английский язык

I. выберите слово, наиболее точно подходящее по смыслу


1.    They invited me to dinner and provided a wonderful meal ... [apt/suited/appropriate/*fit]  for a king.

2.    The TV station in ... [reaction/reply/answer/*response]  to massive popular demand decided not to discontinue the soap opera.

3.    I never wanted to upset you; ringing you up in the middle of the night was only meant to be a bit of ... [practical/*harmless/light/gentle]  fun.

4.    He gave a dramatic ... [tale/legend/saga/*account]  of his adventures in the heart of Africa.

5.    It was only when I got to the office that I realized I had left my briefcase ... [back/away/*behind/down] .

6.    I wish we'd never bought him a TV; all he does it sit ... [fixed/stuck/*glued/sealed]  to the box!

7.    [No sooner/*Only after/Hardly/Scarcely]  the concert had begun did we realize what a splendid show it was going to be.

8.    Despite their initial objections, we soon ... [made/*had/organized/persuaded]  them all playing football together.

9.    He claimed that he was not a particularly ramarkable businessman, but that he had simply had the good ... [*fortune/fate/destiny/opportunity]  to be in the right place at the right time.

10.    It is advisable to ... [*avoid/escape/prevent/evade]  any contact with wild animals.