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МГИМО Английский язык

III. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму

В случае, если перед глаголом стоит обозначение modal verb, выберите модальный глагол из предложенного списка: can, may, must, should, ought to, have to, be to, be able to, needn`t и внесите его в отведенное место в нужной форме, при этом глагол, следующий за модальным глаголом, также необходимо поставить в соответствующую форму.


        Mr. James,

    It has been ages since I last (send) (1) [input answers="sent"/]  you a letter. I (feel) (2) [input answers="have been feeling"/]  quite guilty about it for some time, because I (modal verb + write) (3) [input answers="should have written"/]  to you a long time ago, but I didn't.
    Anyway, as you probably remember, I always (interest) (4) [input answers="have always been interested"/]  in hill walking ever since leaving school, in fact. Two years ago, for instance, along with a couple of friends you once (meet) (5) [input answers="met"/] , Jim and David Beckham, I (take) (6) [input answers="took"/] a plane to Crete and we (enjoy) (7) [input answers="enjoyed"/]  a wonderful fortnight (follow) (8) [input answers="following"/]  mule tracks in the mountains there.
    Then, in May of last year, all three of us (drive) (9) [input answers="drove"/]  down to the Pyrenees, where we (explore) (10) [input answers="explored"/]  a whole series of lost villages for a couple of months.
    Earlier this year we (decide) (11) [input answers="decided"/]  (go) (12) [input answers="to go"/]  (walk) (13) [input answers="walking"/]  in Haute-Provence in France.
    Everything (arrange) (14) [input answers="had been arranged"/]  and we (go + leave) (15) [input answers="were going to leave"/]  England by air on May 5th.
    Unfortunately, however, during the second week in March, Jim and David (practise) (16) [input answers="were practicing"/]  (run) (17)  [input answers="running"/]  across Dartmoor in preparation for an important competition, when David (slide) (18) [input answers="slid"/]  in some mud and (tear) (19) [input answers="tore"/] a ligament.
    Jim (run) (20) [input answers="ran"/]  off (find) (21) [input answers="to find"/]  help, but in (do) (22) [input answers="doing"/]  so, he himself (break) (23) [input answers="broke"/]  a leg. By the time the resque team (arrive) (24) [input answers="arrived"/] , both of them (suffer) (25) [input answers="had suffered"/]  badly. In the end, they (take) (26) [input answers="were taken"/]  to hospital and (spend) (27) [input answers="spent"/] the first three days on the danger list. That was nearly three weeks ago, and they just (advice) (28) [input answers="have just been advised"/]  by their doctors (not go) (29) [input answers="not to go"/]  on holiday next month which (mean) (30)  [input answers="means"/]  there are two air tickets nobody really (want) (31) [input answers="wants"/] .
        You and Ann (like) (32) [input answers="Would you and Ann like"/]  (take) (33) [input answers="to take"/]  their place? I realize this is rather short notice, but you seem to be the only people among all of my friends who rather (go) (34) [input answers="would rather go"/]  on walking holiday than (sit) (35) [input answers="sit"/]  on a beach whilst (wait) (36) [input answers="waiting"/]  for their bodies (turn) (37) [input answers="to turn"/]  scarlet!
        Anyway, if you like the idea, (write) (38) [input answers="write"/]  and (let) (39) [input answers="let"/]  me (know) (40) [input answers="know"/]  as soon as possible.

                                                                                                            All the best,






1. sent 2. have been feeling 3. should have written 4. have always been interested 5. met
6. took 7. enjoyed 8. following 9. drove 10. explored
11. decided 12. to go 13. walking 14. had been arranged 15. were going to leave
16. were practicing 17. running 18. slid 19. tore 20. ran
21. to find 22. doing 23. broke 24. arrived 25. had suffred
26. were taken 27. spent 28. have just been advised 29. not to go 30. means
31. wants 32. would you and Ann like 33. to take 34. would rather go 35. sit
36. waiting 37. to turn 38. write 39. let 40. know