МГИМО Английский язык / Тест 06 / Задание I / Выберите слово подходящее по смыслу

МГИМО Английский язык

I. выберите слово, наиболее точно подходящее по смыслу


1.    Life expectancy in the third world is relatively short ... [whereas/unlike/however/contrary]  in the western world it has increased substantially.

2.    Recent EC legislation is aimed at removing trade ... [barriers/walls/boundaries/fences]  between member states.

3.    'Well, the fact is that I took the money from the safe' ... [apologized/regretted/confessed/entreated]  the bank clerk.

4.    A new ... [episode/series/serial/sequel]  of programmes on wildlife will be shown on Channel 4 in the autumn.

5.    Nearly everyone was at the village meeting, but the Planner Officer from the council was ... [conspicuous/remarkable/significant/noticeable]  by his absence.

6.    The manager was very pleased with her last business trip, which had been a  ... [complete/whole/full/high]  success.

7.    There are very few artists who have  ... [enjoyed/disposed/possessed/realized]  much material success in their own lifetimes.

8.    Car theft ... [alone/individually/solely/uniquely]  accounts for more than half of all recorded crime in that country.

9.    I am  ... [rather/utterly/absolutely/totally]  worried about how we are going to cope with eight house guests next weekend.

10.    He is very ill, and the doctors are not sure whether he will  ... [make/endure/last/survive]  it through the night.