МГИМО Английский язык / Тест 09 / Задание II / Заполните пропуски предлогами и наречиями

МГИМО Английский язык

II. Заполните пропуски предлогами и наречиями


1.    Не was so absorbed  [in]  what he was doing that he didn`t notice me come into the room.

2.    Small children are often cruel  [to]  animals without realizing it.

3.    Michael was jealous  [of]  his brother’s success.

4.    You should always insure your home  [against]  fire.

5.    ‘Would you care  [for]  another piece of cake, Frank?’

6.    Most young people prefer pop music  [to]  classical music.

7.    Don’t forget to wear a scarf. It will protect you  [from]  the cold.

8.    Do you think we could meet sometime  [at]  the weekend?

9.    [Under]  no circumstances should you drink the tap water.

10.    Payment of the check should be made  [within]  thirty days.

11.    You can use my computer  [for]  now, but I shall need it later.

12.    You are  [under]  arrest for being in possession of a dangerous weapon.

13.    I pride myself  [on]  my ability to read Chinese authors in the original.

14.    Perhaps the three most important human rights are freedom  [from]  hunger, fear and prosecution.

15.    The car went over the brow of the hill and was soon  [out]  [of]  sight.

16.    The survivors of the Titanic were  [at]  sea for several days before being rescued.

17.    He went  [on]  his own record: nobody forced him to go.

18.    You should get  [down]  [to]  work immediately: the exams are only a week away.