CPE / Word Formation

Cambridge English: certificate of Proficiency exam (CpE) / word formation


Task Type: Word formation.
Focus: Vocabulary.
Format: A text containing 8 gaps (150-170 words). Each gap represents a word. At the end of the line is a ‘prompt’ word which you have to change in some way to complete the sentence correctly.
Number of questions: 8.
How many marks are there: One mark for each correct answer.

What is testing:
internal changes
compound words

General Advice:
Never leave the base word unchanged.
Look at each sentence and decide what kind of word is required.
Check the spelling carefully.
The words you need might have to change into a negative or a plural.



cambridge english:  certificate of proficiency exam (cpe) 
word formation

practice tests


                    Word Formation 1
                    Word Formation 2
                    Word Formation 3
                    Word Formation 4
                    Word Formation 5
                    Word Formation 6
                    Word Formation 7
                    Word Formation 8
                    Word Formation 9
                    Word Formation 10
                    Word Formation 11
                    Word Formation 12
                    Word Formation 13
                    Word Formation 14
                    Word Formation 15
                    Word Formation 16
                    Word Formation 17
                    Word Formation 18
                    Word Formation 19
                    Word Formation 20