FCE / USE OF ENGLISH / Key Word Transformations

FCE Key Word Transformations


  • Task Type:                    Key Word Transformations

  • Focus:                           Lexical and grammatical


    • Format:                             Six separate items, each with a lead-in sentence and a gapped second
                                                  sentence to be completed in two to five words, one of which is a given
                                                 'key word'


  • Number of questions: 6

  • How many marks are there: Up to two marks for each correct answer

What is testing:

  • modal verbs and semi-modal verbы
  • phrasal verbs
  • verb patterns
  • direct speach to reported speach
  • active voice to passive voice
  • linking words/do and make/idioms/conditionals/unreal past

General Advice


  1. Write between two and five words as your answer
  2. Contractions like can't or mustn't are counted as two words
  3. Take a guess if necessary! You will not loose marks
  4. Remember that you cannot change the key word

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Key Word Transformations