FCE / Use of English / Multiple Choice questions

FCE Multiple Choice questions

  • Task Type:                    Multiple-choice cloze

    • Focus:                           Lexical-grammatical


  • Format:                         A modified cloze test containing 8 gaps and followed by 8 four-option

  •                                       multiple-choice items


  • Number of questions: 8

  • How many marks are there: One mark for each correct answer

What is testing:

  • vocabulary
  • phrasal verbs
  • prepositions
  • linking words
  • collocations


General Advice

  1.    Read through the whole text as it may have an effect on the answer.
  2.     Don't choose your answer before you have read all the options. 
  3.     Take a guess if necessary! You will not lose marks.
  4.     Read through the text again.


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Multiple Choice