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МГИМО Английский язык

III. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму

В случае, если перед глаголом стоит обозначение modal verb, выберите модальный глагол из предложенного списка: can, may, must, should, ought to, have to, be to, be able to, needn`t и внесите его в отведенное место в нужной форме, при этом глагол, следующий за модальным глаголом, также необходимо поставить в соответствующую форму.


Henry's Will

It was the day of Henry Ground’s funeral. Relatives who (speak) (1)  [input answers="had not spoken"/]  for years (smile) (2)  [input answers="smiled"/]  at each other and (promise) (3)  [input answers="promised"/]  to stay in touch. And, of course, everyone (have) (4)  [input answers="had"/]  a favourite story that he (die) (5)  [input answers="was dying"/]  to tell about Henry, the world’s greatest practical joker.

The lawyer began to read out Henry’s will. "Dear friends," he began, "I (set) (6)  [input answers="have set"/]  you a little competition. Each of you in turn (modal verb+ tell) (7)  [input answers="must tell"/]  the funniest joke he or she (modal verb+ think) (8)  [input answers="can think"/]  of, and the one who provokes the most laughter (inherit) (9)  [input answers="will inherit"/]  my fortune. My lawyer (be) (10)  [input answers="will be"/]  the judge of the best joke." "So, ladies and gentlemen, " said the lawyer, (put) (11)  [input answers="putting"/]  the will down on the table, "it (be) (12)  [input answers="is"/]  up to you now. Who (go) (13)  [input answers="will go"/]  first? I (modal verb+ suggest) (14)  [input answers="May I suggest"/]  that you (modal verb+ go) (15)  [input answers="should go"/]  in alphabetical order of surnames?"

The first person (stand) (16)  [input answers="stood"/]  up and (tell) (17)  [input answers="told"/]  a very funny joke but the company (remain) (18)  [input answers="remained"/]  absolutely silent. You (modal verb+ tell) (19)  [input answers="could tell"/]  from their red faces that they (find) (20)  [input answers="found"/]  the joke funny but not one of them (prepare) (21)  [input answers="was prepared"/]  to laugh, and give another one the chance to win the competition. And so it (go) (22)  [input answers="went"/]  on, joke after joke, the sort of jokes that (make) (23)  [input answers="make"/]  your sides (ache) (24)  [input answers="ache"/] . And nobody (dare) ( 25)  [input answers="dared"/]  (laugh) (26)  [input answers="to laugh"/] !

By the time the last joke (tell) (27)  [input answers="had been told"/] , every one of the twelve people (attend) (28)  [input answers="attending"/]  the reading out of Henry’s will (sit) (29)  [input answers="was sitting"/]  perfectly still, desperately (hold) (30)  [input answers="holding"/]  in the laughter. The suppressed laughter (build) (31)  [input answers="had built"/]  up such a pressure that it (be) (32)  [input answers="was"/]  like a volcano ready to erupt. Silence. Painful silence. Suddenly, the lawyer (sneeze) (33)  [input answers="sneezed"/] . That was enough. Someone (burst) (34)  [input answers="burst"/]  out (laugh) (35)  [input answers="laughing"/] . That (start) (36)  [input answers="started"/]  the others off. Of course, they just (laugh) (37)  [input answers="were not laughing"/]  at the sneeze, nor even at the jokes. No, they (laugh) (38)  [input answers="were laughing"/]  at themselves.
Henry (lead) (39)  [input answers="had led"/]  them into his last, and funniest practical joke, (set) (40)  [input answers="setting"/]  their need to laugh against their greed for money.







1. had not spoken 2. smiled 3. promised 4. had 5. was dying
6. have set 7. must tell 8. can think 9. will inherit 10. will be
11. putting 12. is 13. will go 14. May I suggest 15. should go
16. stood 17. told 18. remained 19. could tell 20. found
21. was prepared 22. went 23. make 24. ache 25. dared
26. to laugh 27. had been told 28. attending 29. was sitting 30. holding
31. had built 32. was 33. sneezed 34. burst 35. laughing
36. started 37. were not laughing 38. were laughing 39. had led 40. setting