CAE / USE OF ENGLISH / Word Formation

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) / WORD FORMATION

Task Type: Word formation.
Focus: Vocabulary.
Format: A text containing 8 gaps. Each gap represents a word. At the end of the line is a ‘prompt’ word which you have to change in some way to complete the sentence correctly.
Number of questions: 8.
How many marks are there: One mark for each correct answer.

What is testing:

  • conversions from noun to adjective
  • conversions from verb to noun
  • conversions from adjective to adverb
  • conversions from verb to adjective
  • conversions from a positive to negative form


General Advice:

  • Never leave the base word unchanged.
  • Look at each sentence and decide what kind of word is required.
  • Check the spelling carefully.
  • The words you need might have to change into a negative or a plural.




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