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reading part 3


Look at the sentences on the right about transport in London.
Read the text on the left to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.



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  • tickets

Single fares are available for any journey, although visitors will find it easier and better value to purchase a Travelcard. Travelcards are valid for use on the Underground, bus, DLR, tram and national rail, [q1]and also offer a one-third discount on River services.[/q1] They are available for one, three or seven days, and in peak or [q2]off-peak versions for one and three days.[/q2]


If you are driving in central London [q3]between 7am and 6pm Mon-Fri (except public holidays), you need to pay the Congestion Charge.[/q3] [q4]The charge is £8 per day, which must be paid in advance[/q4] or on the day of travel. If you pay by midnight the next day, the charge is £10.


[q5]Trains are useful for reaching places that are not served by the Tube.[/q5] Mainline stations include: Waterloo and Victoria, serving the south of England; Paddington, the south-west; Euston, the north; King's Cross, the north-east; and Liverpool Street, the east.


[q6]There are 12 colour-coded Tube lines.[/q6] Most operate from 5am to 12.30am Mon-Sat, and from 7.30am to 11.30pm on Sundays. It's cheaper and less crowded to avoid the rush hour and travel after 9.30am. The network is divided into six concentric zones – zone 1 is the central area.


Virgin Atlantic Airways links London with major cities in the USA and across the world. British Airways carries passengers between 175 domestic and international destinations. [q7]BMI, the UK's second largest airline,[/q7] operates from Heathrow and offers low-cost domestic and European flights and flies to international destinations.



[q8]Green Line operates three coaches an hour[/q8] to Baker Street, Marble Arch and Victoria. Fares from £11 single; journey time 75 mins. EasyBus runs every 40 mins to Baker Street. Fares from £2 single; journey time about 55 mins.


A quick and inexpensive way of making a day trip out of London. [q9]Victoria Coach Station is a major hub for various bus companies.[/q9]


The DLR connects the City and the Underground network with Docklands. It's also a useful link to Maritime Greenwich. [q10]Services operate from 5.30am to 12.30am[/q10] and tickets must be purchased before boarding a train.


[question text="Travelcard holders receive a 33% discount on London River Services." answers="*True#False"]

[question text="Off-peak travelcards are only available for zones 1-3." answers="True#*False"]

[question text="The Congestion Charge applies 07:00-18:00, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays." answers="*True#False"]

[question text="The Congestion Charge is £10 per day if you pay in advance." answers="True#*False"]

[question text="Trains are useful for reaching places that are not served by the metro system." answers="*True#False"]

[question text="There is a total of 12 different coloured lines in the London Underground system." answers="*True#False"]

[question text="BMI is the largest airline in the United Kingdom." answers="True#*False"]

[question text="The Green Line operates at a frequency of every 30 minutes." answers="True#*False"]

[question text="Victoria Coach Station is the most impressive coach station in London." answers="True#*False"]

[question text="The last DLR train goes at 12.30 after midnight." answers="*True#False"]