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МГИМО Английский язык

III. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму



    Susan has been studying interior design part time for three years and she (get) (1) [input answers="is going to get"/] her diploma next month. Since she (work) (2) [input answers="has been working"/] in the same ompany for over ten years she (feel) (3) [input answers="feels/is feeling"/] that she (need) (4) [input answers="needs"/] a change, so she (plan) (5) [input answers="is planning"/] to open her own design business. She (start) (6) [input answers="is starting"/]  (look) (7) [input answers="to look"/]  for an office next week, and she (hope) (8) [input answers="hopes/is hoping"/] she (find) (9) [input answers="will have found/will find"/] somethng in a good condition and at a reasonable price by the end of the month.
Her tutors (tell) (10) [input answers="tell"/] her that she (be) (11) [input answers="is"/] very talented and they (assure) (12) [input answers="assure"/] her that she (make) (13) [input answers="will make"/] a success of the business.

    Jim was walking along the High Street when he (notice) (14) [input answers="noticed"/] someone behind him. Actually, he (follow) (15) [input answers="had been following"/] Jim since he (get) (16) [input answers="had got"/] off the bus. Jim (stop) (17) [input answers="stopped"/] at a shop window. The man (come) (18) [input answers="came"/] closer to him. Jim (have) (19) [input answers="had"/] the feeling he (see) (20) [input answers="had seen"/] him before, so he (go) (21) [input answers="went"/] up to him and (ask) (22) [input answers="asked"/]  "(Not, I, know) (23) [input answers="Don't I know"/] you? Why (you, follow) (24) [input answers="are you following"/] me?"
The man (smile) (25) [input answers="smiled"/] and (say) (26) [input answers="said"/] "Smile! You (be) (27) [input answers="are"/] on Candid Camera!"

    Next month I am going to visit my friend who (live) (28) [input answers="lives"/] in Brazil. The flight from London (take) (29) [input answers="takes"/] about fifteen hours and I (never, be) (30) [input answers="have never been"/] on a plane before. I (feel) (31) [input answers="feet"/] quite nervous about the journey but my friend (keep) (32) [input answers="keeps"/] (tell) (33) [input answers="telling"/] me that there (be) (34) [input answers="is"/] nothing (worry) (35) [input answers="to worry"/] about.

    Last March David decided that he (have) (36) [input answers="had had"/] enough of working in a bank and that he (ride) (37) [input answers="was going to ride"/] around the world on a bicycle. He left England two weeks later with his bike, a rucksack and a tent. He (be) (38) [input answers="has been"/] away for six months now, and no one (know) (39) [input answers="knows"/] whether he (return) (40) [input answers="will return"/] or not.









1. is going to get 2. has been working 3. feels 4. needs 5. is planning
6. is starting 7. to look 8. hopes 9. will have found 10. tell
11. is 12. assure 13. will make 14. noticed 15. had been following
16. got 17. stopped 18. came     19. had 20. had seen
21. went 22. asked 23. don't I know 24. are you following 25. smiled
26. said 27. are 28. lives 29. takes 30. have never been
31. feel 32. keeps 33. telling 34. is 35. to worry
36. had had 37. was going to ride 38. has been 39. knows 40. will return