МГИМО Английский язык / Тест 02 / Задание III / Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму

МГИМО Английский язык

III. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму



1.    Dear Joan,

    How are you? I (write) (1) [input answers="am writing"/] to tell you our great news.
    As you (know) (2) [input answers="know"/] , Brad (work) (3) [input answers="works"/] for an international media company. Well, he (offer) (4) [input answers="was offered"/] the opportunity of a lifetime last week: (work) (5) [input answers="to work"/] in Madrid for two years. He (leave) (6) [input answers="is leaving"/] tomorrow for sunny Spain (look) (7) [input answers="to look"/] for a flat for us. He (fly) (8) [input answers="flies"/] at noon so I (make) (9) [input answers="am making"/] a long list of the things he (need) (10) [input answers="needs"/] to consider before (choose) (11) [input answers="choosing"/] a flat.
    We have so many things to do when he (come) (12) [input answers="comes"/] back. We (attend) (13) [input answers="are attending"/] Sally's wedding in May and we (modal verb + pack) (14) [input answers="have to pack"/] all our things. I (look) (15) [input answers="am looking"/] forward to it so much, I hardly (modal verb + wait) (16) [input answers="can hardly wait"/] ! Jack and Katie (be) (17) [input answers="are"/] fine. They (grow) (18) [input answers="are growing"/] up so quickly that it (seem) (19) [input answers="seems"/] like only yesterday they (be) (20) [input answers="were"/] babies.
    Well, the kids (wait) (21) [input answers="are waiting"/] for me (make) (22) [input answers="to make"/] their lunch so I'd better (go) (23) [input answers="go"/] . I hope you're all fine. We (see) (24) [input answers="will see"/] you at Sally's wedding.



2.    Dear Paul,

    I'm sorry I (not write) (25) [input answers="haven't written"/] to you but I (be) (26) [input answers="have been"/] very busy.
    As you know, I (wait) (27) [input answers="have been waiting"/] anxiously since June (hear) (28) [input answers="to hear"/] from the universities that I (apply) (29) [input answers="applied"/] to. Well, Columbia University, the university that I always (want) (30) [input answers="have always wanted"/] to attend, (accept) (31) [input answers="accepted"/] my application. Isn't that great!? Although I (think) (32) [input answers="thought"/] about (live) (33) [input answers="living"/] on campus, I (decide) (34) [input answers="decided"/] not to. I (look) (35) [input answers="have been looking"/] through the ads for a flat and my mother and I (go) (36) [input answers="are going"/] to New York tomorrow. We (make) (37) [input answers="have made"/] appointments to see three flats. I (excite) (38) [input answers="am excited"/] but also a little nervous as I never (live) (39) [input answers="have never lived"/] on my own before.
    What you (do) (40) [input answers="have you been doing"/] lately? I hope all is well.

        Take care,







1. am writing 2. know 3. works 4. was offered 5. to work
6. is leaving 7. to look 8. flies 9. am making 10. needs
11. choosing 12. comes 13. are attending 14. am looking 15. am looking
16. can hardly wait 17. are 18. are growing 19. seems 20. were
21. are waiting 22. to make 23. go 24. will see 25. haven't written
26. have been 27. have been waiting 28. to hear 29. applied 30. have always wanted
31. accepted 32. thought 33. living 34. decided 35. have been looking
36. are going 37. have made 38. am excited 39. have never lived 40. have you been doing